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Optimal Health Spectrums always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 43 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Optimal Health Spectrums below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Monica G.
Submitted 09/03/19
Always great. Everyone in the front office is attentive, and easy to work with. Sandy is always great to see. I feel better than ever and I have hope for a full recovery. Optimal Health is the way to go.
Linda H.
Submitted 08/30/19
Dr. Mielke is consistently thorough and knowledgeable in her review of our daughter’s medical tests and adjustment of her tx program. We are forever grateful to her and her staff!
Elizabeth H.
Submitted 08/13/19
Dr. Mielke was successful in getting to the root cause of my daughter's fatigue. Her staff is quick to respond to questions and extremely understanding and compassionate to those afraid of needles.
Margaret R.
Submitted 07/14/19
Sorry but Im just not up to writing a review just now but I am happy with Dr. Mielke.
Diana R.
Submitted 06/24/19
It’s always a great experience...how often can you walk in to s DRs office and feel totally at ease! Communicates well and is very approachable! I leave feeling up built and well informed. Having a plan that was reached mutually. I could go on and on!
Amy S.
Submitted 06/15/19
A great visit, Dr. Mielke is educated and understands the issues in functional medicine. A great guide to health!
Holly L.
Submitted 03/13/19
Friendly staff. As always Dr. Sandi took care of my needs.
Cindy P.
Submitted 03/12/19
Sandi took her time explaining the lab results and answered all my questions.
Molly S.
Submitted 03/10/19
I have been a patient of Dr. Mielke’s for many years. She not only solved my overwhelming fatigue when I first came to her, but recently help to heal me of Lyme disease. I am forever grateful for her approach, support and expertise during this journey.
Dawn P.
Submitted 03/08/19
Always a pleasure to have a visit with Sandi.
Trevor H.
Submitted 03/08/19
The staff are amazing, super friendly and they truly care about my health. They made the entire process as smooth as possible from seeing the physician to getting the labs done. I was very pleased with the comprehensive lab work that was done to help me with my health. Will definitely be a long time patient.
Monica G.
Submitted 02/19/19
Sandi has been great to work with and really cares about her patients. It is wonderful to have a blend of natural remedies and the option of prescriptions when needed. This is real medicine to heal get better - not to just make symptoms go away.
Manny A.
Submitted 02/19/19
She was cool. Very informative.
Virginia S.
Submitted 02/14/19
Professional and knowledgable Dr Mielke. Excellent and kind staff.
Leslie M.
Submitted 02/13/19
Dr. Mielke is the most intelligent doctor I have ever had in my entire life. I have been a patient of hers for over 8 years, and she is the only doctor to uncover an underlying thyroid disorder and Celiac Disease. With her comprehensive testing, she has helped me to understand, and prepare for, the health challenges that I have as a result of menopause, aging and genetics. This has prevented serious health issues from arising. Her, and her staff, care a great deal about my health and well being. They promptly follow-up to remind me to take tests when needed and have always guided me in the right direction - especially during some difficult health challenges. I am very grateful to have Dr. Mielke as a trusted doctor! I have learned so much from her and respect her tremendously.
Becky X.
Submitted 11/10/18
Love the staff! Dr Meilke is so knowledgeable. I love that she offers alternative methods of healing.
Judy S.
Submitted 10/23/17
Dr. Mielke, A heartfelt thank you to you, Dr. Mielke, and your wonderful staff. Over 3 years ago I had gastro bypass surgery for weight loss. This made me unable to absorb vitamins and (gave me) a weakened immune system. I was not able to fight off illness. After meeting with Dr. Mielke, I got better vitamins, hormones, and added treatments of IV, liquid lift, and natural defense. I have recovered and have my wellbeing back! I highly recommend this program to everyone, whether you have gone through gastro bypass or are not in good health. Dr. Mielke also helped me lose 20 pounds, finally attaining goals I never have been able to before. Thank you again, Dr. Mielke. Sincerely and Gratefully, Judy S.
S. K.
Submitted 10/06/17
I feel better than I have in years! I went to see Dr. Mielke because I was tired of other doctors telling me that I was fine when I knew I wasn’t. I was just tired, moody, had aches and pains, wasn’t sleeping well, and was way too forgetful. Everyone else told me – you’re just getting older, its normal, just accept it – but I didn’t want to. Dr. Mielke took my complaints seriously and told me she could probably make me feel better – and she did. After doing some tests, I am now taking healthy supplements and bioidentical hormones, and avoiding foods that I was reacting to, and feel better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Mielke! -Previously written testimonial from an OHS patient.
L. G.
Submitted 10/06/17
I had always been a pretty healthy person. I had a normal weight my entire life without any special diet or exercise program. Then, all of a sudden, after the age of about 40, I started to gain weight. Nothing I could do seemed to stop the progression. At the same time, I was craving carbs more than before, and my appetite seemed increased. My life was stressful with work and kids like everyone else’s, so I didn’t think much of it. But as time went on, I started having more and more trouble sleeping. I would wake up at 4:00 a.m. almost every night, unable to fall back asleep. I became more and more tired, struggling to get through the day, using more caffeine, and then needing a drink when I got home to calm down. My libido was gone, and this was a big issue in my marriage. I felt like my patience for my family was lower than it used to be. My skin lost its glow and started to show more wrinkles and age spots. I was having more “senior moments” where I was struggling to remember things and think clearly. My regular GYN doctor brushed off my complaints as “normal” for my age. Eventually, I started having hot flashes, which were very uncomfortable. Finally, the GYN paid attention to that, and gave me oral estrogen and progesterone. While those pills did stop the hot flashes, the sleep problem, low libido, brain fog, and weight gain continued unabated. After a few years of that, I heard about bioidentical hormones. I read several of Suzanne Somers books, and knew that this was what I wanted to do. I also learned that taking estrogen orally is a very bad idea, and may have made some of my problems worse. Finally, I saw Dr Mielke. She ordered blood tests to find out what my baseline hormone levels were. I was low in everything! Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, Thyroid, DHEA, Testosterone, Pregnenolone, Melatonin – they were all low. No wonder I didn’t feel great. I started replacing the hormones with creams and pills. It has taken a few months to figure out the right doses for me, but I already feel better. A friend of mine noticed an improvement in my complexion almost immediately. I have more energy and can make it through the day without feeling exhausted, and don’t crave caffeine, carbs and alcohol like I used to. I have lost about 5 pounds in the first two months without even trying. My brain is working better, and I feel mentally sharper. One of the best things is that I can sleep now! My sleep is restful, and I feel good in the morning when I get up. I had forgotten what that feels like. My interest in my husband has improved, which makes him happy! Overall, on bioidentical hormones I feel better than I have in years, and am definitely going to stick with it. -Previously written testimonial from an OHS patient.
K. J.
Submitted 10/06/17
Dr. Mielke is the doctor for you! This doctor has changed my life. All the other doctors I went to had no idea what was going on with me, and just dismissed me and rushed me out the door. This doctor actually looked for the REASON the problems were happening and tried to stop it without using harmful drugs with risky side effects. I learned from this doctor that natural is the best way to go. If you have any health problem you want fixed, Dr. Mielke is the doctor for you! -Previously written testimonial from an OHS patient.

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