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Two key causes of facial wrinkles are the loss of natural collagen as you get older, and sun exposure that breaks down collagen. Dr. Lynne R. Mielke and Sandi Kreizenbeck, DNP, at Optimal Health Spectrums in Pleasanton, California, can help improve your skin and decrease wrinkles with Pellevé®, a radiofrequency treatment that safely boosts the production of collagen. Contact the office today to learn whether Pellevé is a good choice for treating your wrinkles and rejuvenating your skin.

Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction Q & A

What facial wrinkles are treated by Pellevé?

Pellevé was specially developed to gently treat the delicate skin on your face. It’s a noninvasive treatment, which means it tightens skin and effectively reduces a variety of wrinkles without surgery, including:

  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Crow’s feet
  • Loose skin around the eyes
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Lines across the forehead
  • Nasolabial folds (wrinkles from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth)

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How does Pellevé reduce wrinkles?

Pellevé operates using radiofrequency (RF) energy rather than lasers. The RF energy is delivered through a device uniquely developed for delicate skin called the GlideSafe® handpieces. Using the GlideSafe, we can safely treat your face, including the areas around your eyes.

Radiofrequency energy passes through your skin without causing damage, then penetrates into deep layers, where the energy heats tissues to a specific temperature. The heat makes old collagen in the tissues contract, which results in a tightening effect. Then it stimulates the production of new collagen, which is essential for strong, healthy skin.

Triggering new collagen production is important because your skin loses collagen as you get older, a factor that significantly contributes to wrinkles and loose skin. As fresh collagen develops and pushes up toward the outer skin, wrinkles are naturallyminimized and you gain more youthful-looking skin.

What can you expect during treatment?

Most patients describe their treatment with Pellevé as comfortable, much like getting a hot stone massage. The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes if your entire face is treated, so it takes less time if your treatment is limited to a single concern, like smile lines.

You won’t need any downtime following Pellevé treatment. Your skin may be slightly red due to the warmth of the procedure, but that subsides soon afterward.   

When will you see results?

Even though many patients notice an improvement within a few days, that’s the immediate effect of skin tightening and not caused by new collagen. It takes about 15 days for collagen to rebuild and change your skin. However, new collagen is produced for about 90 days, so you continue to see refreshed skin.

What is the advantage of Pellevé over injectable procedures?

Injectable products, such as Botox®, are used to minimize facial wrinkles. Although they’re effective on the wrinkles, they don’t influence the quality of your skin. Pellevé is an alternative that restores skin by facilitating the rebuilding of its natural collagen.

*Individual Results May Vary

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