HCG Diet 4 Week Program Details

$650.00 - New Patient, 4 weeks on HCG includes:

  • 28 days of pre-filled HCG syringes
  • Weekly B12 shots (includes 4)
  • Multi-Vitamin and Omegavail Fish Oil (includes a 1 month supply of these supplements to be taken during the diet)
  • HCG diet journal booklet
  • Weekly check-ins with the HCG diet Coach (via email)

Each additional month on the HCG diet is $400.00 per month (which includes the B12 shots and vitamins) or $100.00 per each individually added week (which doesn’t include vitamins or B12 shots).

1. There is a $150 deposit needed to hold a new patient HCG appointment.

2. In order to ensure that your body is healthy enough for the HCG diet, we ask that you have preliminary blood work done prior to the HCG appointment. A LabCorp requisition form will be sent to you prior to the first appointment so that you can go and get your initial fasting labs done (results usually only take 2-3 business days to get back):     

Required Fasting Lab Testing for Everyone – CBC, CMP, FT3, FT4, TSH (If a patient has copies of these labs from another provider within the past 3 months, we will accept that). If a patient is already on thyroid medication, the labs must be drawn at the trough (right before taking your next dose).

a. Lab testing - All lab testing will be processed through LabCorp. If the patient has an HMO or no insurance, the cost of testing will be collected at the time of scheduling the appointment which is $90.75; the LabCorp requisition form will be marked "Account bill." 

b. Patients with a PPO do not need to pay for the tests at the time of scheduling, as it will be run through their insurance and a small co-pay will be due to their insurance later.   

3. When we receive your forms and lab test results back, our practitioners will review them to clear you (assess if you are healthy enough) for the intake appointment. There is a $50.00 non-refundable fee for this initial assessment. If you are not healthy enough to be cleared at this point, we will refund the HCG new patient deposit fee, minus the $50 fee for reviewing the lab work and intake questionnaire.

4. If initially cleared for the intake appointment, you will then have a 30-minute consultation with one of our providers – including a health history review, lab review, and physical exam. Bring a small cooler with ice packs to hold your HCG syringes if you are cleared. Only patients deemed healthy enough to do the diet will be fully cleared at that appointment, but most information needed to make that determination is in the intake packet. In the unlikely event that you are not cleared for the diet at the initial appointment for some unforeseen reason, you will still be liable for the initial appointment fee (an additional $175), but the health reason(s) that you were not cleared will be explained to you, so that you can correct them. It is our goal to clear any patient who is capable of succeeding on the diet.

The HCG diet is a very strict and regimented diet, and we take pride in ensuring that our patients are safe and healthy along their weight loss journey!

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