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Ozone is activated oxygen, and uses the power of oxygen to heal at a cellular level. Oxygen has one job in the human body – it is used to make energy. That energy can be used to fuel cellular processes of all kinds, which can enhance your health at multiple levels at once.
Mr. Nicola Tesla, the famous scientist, was a big fan of ozone, and was the first to patent an ozone generator in 1896. A lot of the original medical research and protocol development was done decades ago in Germany, and they are still world leaders in ozone research. Ozone was extensively used in hospitals in the U.S. in the early 1900s, until the advent of antibiotics. Now that the toxic side-effects of antibiotics and bacterial antibiotic resistance are becoming a big problem, there is a renewed interest in ozone therapy for healing infections. It is impossible for bacteria to become resistant to ozone!
Today, many countries around the world authorize IV ozone therapy as a standard medical treatment. Those countries tend to not be as tied to the pharmaceutical industry as the United States. Since ozone is a natural molecule and is not patentable, ozone therapy is not profitable to drug companies.
IV ozone therapy is not currently FDA approved in this country for medicinal use, and is therefore not covered by insurance. However, when IV ozone is used according to the standards set by the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO), of which Dr. Mielke is a Fellow, it has been found to be safe and helpful for many conditions.
Mitochondria are our cellular energy producers, and they utilize oxygen to make ATP, which is energy. Ozone activates our existing mitochondria to produce more energy, and has even been found to help in the synthesis of new mitochondria! When mitochondria work better, everything in the body works better.
In our white blood cells, this can result in better immune function, which is why ozone therapy is often used for Lyme disease and other bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, auto-immune disorders, and other illnesses that are linked with weak or disordered immune function.
Many of the degenerative diseases of aging also involve the loss of mitochondrial energy production, and IV ozone helps to counteract that. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, and more may respond to IV ozone treatments since they are associated with loss of mitochondrial energy production.
If you are interested in learning more about IV ozone and whether or not it might help your health condition, give us a call!

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