Important Information and Legal Custody Document


Dr. Mielke is no longer accepting new Developmental Spectrum patients. In her absence, MAPS provider, F.N.P. Sandra Kreizenbeck, will consult with all new patients. Patients are required to have a 90-minute consultation. For additional information on treatments and resources ONLY, please review the information on our Developmental Spectrums page.

Parental consent for medical treatment of a minor is an important legality that all medical providers must pay attention to.

  1. If both parents are still married to each other, it is understood and assumed that they are communicating with each other and that both parents consent to any care or treatment that is initiated by one parent. However, we still require both parents to sign all consents.
  2. If the child’s parents are legally separated or divorced, then the situation changes and we will need to have copies of all legal documents regarding custody.
  3. If one parent has full legal custody, then they are able to make unilateral medical decisions for that child.
  4. If custody is shared but one parent has the legal authority to make all medical decisions, then again they are able to make unilateral medical decisions for the child.
  5. If custody and medical decision-making is shared, then both parents must sign all treatment consents and preferably fill out separate intake packets, or at least review and sign off that they both agree with the contents of the packet the other parent filled out. In addition, we require that both custodial parents be physically present at the intake and first follow-up appointments. It is preferable for both custodial parents to be present in person for each follow-up appointment for their child after that, but if that is not possible, then one can be present physically and the other must be present via speaker phone during the appointment, but must come in-person at least once per year.

We have found that following these procedures dramatically cuts down on misunderstandings between the parents and is much better for the child in the long run.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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