"Do you accept insurance?"

  • Since we are a wellness-oriented integrative medical clinic, we are not contracted with any insurance plans. Therefore, our services are paid for out of pocket at the time of each appointment.
  • If you have a PPO as your insurance carrier or have an FSA account to use toward medical expenses; we can provide you with an itemized receipt that you can submit on your own to receive reimbursement for your services (office visits or in-office laboratory services only). PPO insurance plans may partially reimburse in-person appointments and lab tests, but phone appointments are usually not reimbursable. Medicare patients may not submit their bills to Medicare because we are not a Medicare provider.

"What are the consultation fees?"

  • Fees are based on time spent with the provider.
  • The cost of the initial consultation varies between $400.00 – $1,300.00, depending on the practitioner you see, and the time involved.
  • Follow up appointment length/pricing can vary based on severity of the case - fees will be charged at the end of the visit so that we can accurately adjust/charge based on time spent.

"What are the lab fees?"

  • Our blood draw and processing fees are $60 per kit, number of kits are specific to each patient.
  • The cost for the laboratory to actually perform the ordered tests on the lab specimen is in addition to these processing fees - the lab staff will provide you with an individualized breakdown of all the tests ordered including costs for those tests.
  • Some companies work with insurance and some do not. Our staff will review all of this with you once the provider orders the tests.

"If I decide to schedule, what is your cancellation policy?"

  • All Patients are responsible for remembering and coming to their scheduled appointments on time - your scheduled appointment means that no one else can be seen at that time, so if you know that you cannot make it, please let us know 48 business hours prior to your appointment to avoid fees.
    • New patients: Forfeit deposit (processed at time of scheduling) as a cancellation fee.
    • Current patients: 50% of your scheduled consultation fee.
    • MediSpa and IV appointments: $100
    • Blood draw appointments: $20


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