Hormones for Men



Hormones for Men

Testosterone is essential to the health and well-being of men. It gives them their motivation, spark for life, and makes them feel more confident. And it obviously has important implications for normal sexual function as well. Normal doses do not cause “roid rage” as many people fear. In fact, men with normal levels of Testosterone are often calmer, more patient and less irritable than men with low values. As with any hormone, it is important to get the level “just right” because too little will not work, and too much can cause negative side-effects.

Andropause, or “male menopause,” is the gradual decline in male hormones with age, and Andropause has been called a fatal disease. Drops in Testosterone levels can begin in men after the age of about 35 and may become pronounced in many men by the age of 45-50. Factors that can cause low Testosterone levels at an earlier age include a history of head trauma, or the use of anabolic steroids in the past. While Testosterone drops, estrogen is often rising, and many other hormones may also be declining.

Numerous research articles support the conclusion that Testosterone is good for a man’s overall health. Testosterone helps prevent muscle loss with age and decreases body fat. It helps prevent diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Testosterone helps prevent anemia and keeps bones strong – men on Testosterone replacement have fewer bone fractures and fewer deaths from cardiovascular causes. Every muscle cell in the body has a Testosterone receptor on it, and the most important muscle in the body is the heart.

Other signs of low Testosterone in men may include decreased sex drive, weak erections or complete erectile dysfunction (ED), lowered sperm counts and reduced fertility, and increased breast size. Men also may have symptoms similar to those seen during menopause in women – including hot flashes. Low Testosterone levels can also cause nervousness, irritability, inability to concentrate, insomnia, depression, weakness, fatigue, muscle loss, weight gain, constipation, decreased urinary force, urinary frequency and hesitancy, loss of vitality, prostatic disease, vascular disease, inflammatory and neurological disease.

At Optimal Health Spectrums, we are expert at prescribing male hormones and know many ways to help men achieve proper levels of their male hormones as they age. This helps ensure that men maintain their health and quality of life throughout their lifespan.


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